mailboxes with a uk street address

PLUS:  free mail forwarding, up to five named users and a full parcel service for a post-Brexit world!

Each virtual mailbox from expost has a real accommodation address in the UK.  This means that they can be used like any other street address for banks, building societies, card issuers, insurance and utility companies, the DVLA, HMRC, Companies House and the Passport Office... or for courier deliveries from retailers such as Ebay and Amazon.

A simple choice of  Private or Business mailbox types means that, whether you need a UK postal address for your own personal and family correspondence, to register a Limited Company or provide a UK returns address for your customers, the solution is here.  Both mailbox types include free mail forwarding, multiple Users, a Scan & Send email delivery option and secure online control of your mail.

Straightforward fees & charges take the guesswork out of committing to a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month account period.  With no hidden costs or nasty surprises, an expost mailbox is always cheaper than the equivalent Royal Mail numbered PO Box.

...and a fixed price guarantee

Our prices will never increase for the lifetime of your account.   Two years, twelve years or twenty years from now... no matter how long you hold a continuous account with us, you will only ever pay the prices as they are shown in this website on the day you first registered!

17 years of continuous trading

Every aspect of our business has continually evolved in response to customer demand since we formed as 'The Post House' almost seventeen years ago.  We subsequently incorporated the Company as Expost Logistics Limited in February of 2015.

Our primary Mail Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to accept, sign-for & secure your post and parcels, with live Support available by telephone, email and Skype from 6am every morning, including weekends, so you can get the help you need, when you need it!

UK street addressed mailboxes for personal and business use

street addressed mailboxes

Each virtual mailbox from expost has a real UK accommodation address that is fully accepted by all couriers, on-line retailers including Ebay & Amazon, authorities, banks and card issuers.
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Global mail forwarding

global mail forwarding

Have your mail forwarded daily, weekly or monthly, completely free of charge.  No matter how much post you receive, or how often you have it sent, all you ever pay is the onward postage!
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packages & parcels

Parcels and cartons up to a hefty 20Kg can be handled, processed and forwarded as part of the standard mailbox service, at no extra cost... making expost your ideal on-line shopping partner!
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scan & send

Have your letter mail or documents scanned on delivery and emailed to you as standard... or find a specific item on request.  For when you really must have the contents of that important letter today!
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control your mail online

Once registered, you can log in to your secure mailbox controls to check for mail, request a forwarding, set your preferences and manage all aspects of your account, in real time!
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commercial mail services

If you trade on-line and need postal fulfilment in the UK, require a cheap 'returns' service or just non-standard handling, ask us about our bespoke commercial services.
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Business and Private Mailbox UK address examples