delivering your mail electronically

In response to customer requests, we have now introduced a comprehensive Scan & Send service.

Whether you are constantly travelling and have no fixed point of contact to which your mail can be forwarded, or just must have the contents of that important letter today, Scan & Send is designed to meet your needs.

legal notice

By requesting a Scan & Send you are giving expost explicit instruction and permission to open your mail.

how to use the service;

always scan your mail

Set the standing instructions in your account control panel to 'Scan & Send all of my mail'.  Whilst this option is active, all mail (other than parcels) being delivered to your mailbox will be opened and the contents scanned to one or more images.  These images will then be sent to your registered email address as attachments in '.jpg' format.

For your privacy, once delivery of this email is confirmed, the original images will be deleted from our servers.

to scan all of your mail on demand

When you set your option to 'Scan & Send all of my mail', any mail items already in your mailbox will be opened, scanned and forwarded.  If you then change your option back to 'Never scan my mail', all mail delivered subsequently will be directed to your mailbox, unopened.

to scan specific items of mail on demand

If you have several letters in your mailbox, but only need a specific item or items scanning, please contact Support with as accurate a description of the letter/s as possible.  If the mailroom are able to identify them with confidence, they will process a Scan & Send for you.

If there is any doubt, or at your request, they will scan the envelopes and send you the resulting image or images for your confirmation.  These images (three envelopes can normally be fitted into each) are chargeable at the normal rate.

scan & send charges

A fixed fee of £0.60 (60p) is applied per A4 image and debited from your Postage fund balance.

If you have requested the identification of specific items of mail a manual handling surcharge is also payable.

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